Prelims Practice Questions 29-04-2019 – Test 2

1. Which of the following statements is /are not correct?
(1). A narrow stretch of water connecting two large bodies of water or seas is called Isthmus.
(2). Africa is separated from Europe by Mediterranean Sea and from Asia by the Suez Canal.
(3). The Plateau is higher in the north and in the west in Africa.


2. Consider the following statements?
(1). Chhattisgarh is called “Rice Bowl” of the country.
(2). Haryana has highest yield of rice among rice producing states of the country.
The correct statement (s) is /are:


3. Arrange the following peaks of Himalayas in the descending order of their height:
(1). Kanchenjunga
(2). Makalu
(3). Dhaulagiri
(4). Manaslu


4. Which of the following is / are the characteristics of the drought condition in India?
(1). Deficient rainfall
(2). Delay in onset of the monsson
(3). Timely onset and sudden break of the monsoon
(4). Presence of Western Ghats which blocks rain bearing winds


5. Which of the followings statements is /are not correct?
(1). Little Andaman is separated from the Great Andaman by the Duncan Passage.
(2). The Great Nicobar is the northern most island in the Nicobar group of Islands.
(3). Saddle peak is the highest peak is the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and is located in the Middle Andaman.
(4).The largest and the most advanced island among the Lakshadweep islands is the Minicoy Island


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