PRELIMS SNIPPETS – November 21st 2022

No Money for Terror’ (NMFT) 

Why in News?

  • Third ‘No Money for Terror’ (NMFT) Ministerial Conference on Counter-Terrorism Financing was recently held in New Delhi, India.


  • The Prime Minister of India has strongly asked for avoiding any ambiguity in dealing with terrorism and also warned against nations that use terrorism as a tool of foreign policy.
  • The “No Money for Terror” conference was started in 2018, as an initiative of the French government, to specifically focus on cooperation between countries to choke terror funding.
  • In 2019, the conference was held in Australia.
  • It was to be held in India in 2020 but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • It offered a unique platform for participating nations and organisations to deliberate on the effectiveness of the current international regime on Counter Terrorism Financing and the steps required to address emerging challenges
  • It was attended by delegates from 72 countries and 15 international organisations.
  • During the Conference, deliberations were held in four sessions with focus on:
  • Global Trends in Terrorism and Terrorist Financing.
  • Use of Formal and Informal Channels of Funds for Terrorism.
  • Emerging Technologies and Terrorist Financing.
  • International Co-operation to Address Challenges in Combating Terrorist Financing.
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