Prison Reforms

  • The Supreme Court has said it would constitute a committee under the chairmanship of it retired Judge to look into the problems in jails including overcrowding and suggest measures to tackle it.
  • There are 1387 functional Jails in India with a total capacity to house approximately 3.5 lakh Prisoner’s but the total number of prisoner’s in these jails is around 4.18 Lakh’s.
  • Some Jails in the country are overcrowded by more than 100 percent and a few by margins of a staggering 500%.


  • The Legislation governing the prison’s is archaic that is Prison’s Act 1894 which is the legacy of the British.
  • In India Prison’s comes under state subject.


  • The Inmates are not allowed to vote which results in overlooking by the ruling government and lack of political will.
  • The Prison’s Authorities are only concern about the head count’s from morning to evening.
  • When a Prisoner comes out of the jail he/she if not reformed poses a serious threat to the society
  • Women Prisoner’s lives with their children’s which is a cause of concern. The Children can live with their parents in Prison (Father / Mother) upto the age of 6 or maximum 6 years so the learn unethical and immoral practices.

Way Forward:

  • There have been committee from time to time constituted for prison reforms but most of the recommendations are overlooked. In this manner Justice Mullah committee had gave her recommendations in Multi-dimension.
  • Improving Prison Infrastructure and allocating proper Budget’s cut is substantial.
  • Most of the Prison’s is filled by undertrial accuse so Prison reforms requires Judicial Reforms to expedite trials.
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