Privilege Motion

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  • It is moved by a member when he feels that a minister has committed a breach of privilege of the House or one or more of its members by withholding facts of a case or by giving wrong or distorted facts.
  • Privilege motion is concerned with the breach of parliamentary privileges by a minister.
  • It can be moved against an individual minister or a group of ministers or the entire council of ministers.
  • If it is passed in the Lok Sabha, the council of ministers need not resign from the office.


  • As per the Constitutional scheme of things, all members of the Parliament enjoy certain rights and immunities – this is also referred to as Parliamentary Privilege which is enjoyed both by the Parliament and the members in their individual capacity.
  • This provision has been made in the Parliament so that they can discharge their functions smoothly.
  • There is no separate law for the privilege enjoyed by the Parliament and its members.
  • The Constitution has left it to the Parliament to define the powers, privileges and immunities to be enjoyed by it and the members.
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