Why in News?

  • Sri Lanka has sought enhanced military training from India, according to President Maithripala Sirisena’s office.


  • Wide-ranging matters, including bilateral defence cooperation between the neighbouring countries and regional security, were reported to have been
  • India and Sri Lanka agreed to increase cooperation in security and defence spheres in several areas, including regional security, curbing drug smuggling and human trafficking and training of members of the security
  • Thanking India for its partnership, The Sri Lankan President requested to increase the number of personnel trained by India. The Indian Defence Secretary agreed to look into the possibility of enhancing training

India – Sri Lanka defence relationship:

  • Currently, over 60% of Sri Lanka’s military personnel pursue their young officers’ course,junior and senior command courses in India, according to defence sources in Colombo.
  • ‘Exercise Mitra Shakti’, the sixth edition of the joint military training exercise between theIndian Army and the Sri Lankan Army, recently concluded in Sri Lanka
  • The contingents from the two countries jointly planned and executed a series of well- coordinated tactical operations based on scenarios that are likely to be encountered in rural and urban
  • The two-week programme is part of an initiative that began in 2013 as part of military diplomacy between India and Sri
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