TikTok cannot be banned, can only be regulated, say experts

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In the light of several controversial videos on media platform TikTok and political leaders voicing concern, Information Technology Minister recently made an announcement in the Assembly that the State would take steps to get the Chinese-developed app banned.

The police have also pointed to the far-reaching implications of hosting videos on the app. They said there had been several law and order incidents due to sharing of videos on the app in the last few months.

Popular app

Several mobile phone users had downloaded the app and using it. If the law and order situation was under threat, it was important to check the misuse of the app and enforce regulations.

The anti-vice squad of Chennai police recently busted a gang that used morphed pictures of women downloaded from Tik Tok to lure customers. 

Why no Ban?

As of now, the authorities cannot ban TikTok application legally since it is a company incorporated in China. If the government bans TikTok, it will merely will crop up in another name or form. The Union government should constitute an empowered committee to study the possibility of regulating such applications.

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