UDAN Scheme

  • It is a regional connectivity scheme of Government of India
  • Its Objective is to “Let the common citizen of the county fly”.


  • To Make air travel affordable
  • To boost inclusive economic development there by creating employment
  • Creating robust airport infrastructure

Components of this Scheme:

The Scheme has two Components:

The First Component:

To Develop new and enhance the existing regional airports to increase the number of operational airports for the scheduled civilian flights from 70 to at least 150 airports with regular scheduled flights.

The Second Compound:

To add several hundred financially viable new regional flight routes to connect more than 100 underserved and unserved airports in smaller towns with each other as well as with well served airports in bigger cities by using ‘Viability Gap Funding”.


  • Now, the Scheme has extended from national to International if it succeeds in getting the neighbour’s then it will fulfil the SAARC regional connectivity goal of mutual co-operation in the civil aviation sector.
  • This Scheme will indirectly give impetus to digital India, Make in India Etc., & Other government platforms. There by Creating huge chunk of employment.
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