What is effect of social media on Democracy? Explain the role to be an enabler of transparency and democracy

Structure of answer:

  • Introduction ( Role of social media in general)
  • Why social media is important to a democracy?
  • How does it strengthen the democracy?
  • Explain the relation between media and democracy and give some examples.
  • Discuss the current issue.
  • Way forward (Explain how one can handle the issue)
  • Conclusion (Your general opinion)

Key points:

  • The media can promote democracy by among other things, educating voters, protecting human rights, promoting tolerance among various social groups, and ensuring that governments are transparent and accountable.
  • Instead of promoting democracy, they can contribute to democratic decay.
  • The democracy of the public sphere is in the participation of citizens who provide information to the media and share it to society.
  • Media democracy advocates that corporate ownership and commercial pressures influence media content, sharply limiting the range of news, opinions, and entertainment citizens receive.
  • What role media play? It has been playing a very important role in shaping human minds. Media plays a crucial role in shaping a healthy democracy.
  • It is the backbone of a democracy.Media makes us aware of various social, political and economical activities happening around the world.
  • How does it strengthen? To provide information to people is like providing power to the people so that they can contribute to the democratic or political process.
  • So, contribution of people to the process of governance by gaining information from the media definitely enhances the democracy.
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