IASGateAdmin | 22, Nov 2019

Prelim Snippets 22-11-2019

1.Maha Bodhi Temple Complex Why in News? Bhutan’s Foreign Minister recently visited Maha Bodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. About:…

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IASGateAdmin | 05, Nov 2019

Prelim Snippets 05-11-2019

1.Gaofen-7 Why in News? China has launched a new Earth observation satellite- Gaofen-7. About: China launched a new high-resolution remote…

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IASGateAdmin | 31, Oct 2019

Prelim Snippets 31-10-2019

1.Air Independent Propulsion System Why in News? DRDO has developed the indigenous Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) System. About: The Air…

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IASGateAdmin | 22, Oct 2019

Prelim Snippets 22-10-2019

1.National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) Why in News? National Tiger Conservation Authority has red-flagged Madhya Pradesh government's move to increase…

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IASGateAdmin | 11, Oct 2019

Prelim Snippets 11-10-2019

1. C40 World Mayors’ Summit Why in News? Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called off his visit to Copenhagen to…

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IASGateAdmin | 09, Oct 2019

Prelim Snippets 09-10-2019

1.eDantseva Context: Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare launched the eDantseva website and mobile application. About: It is the…

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IASGateAdmin | 05, Oct 2019

Prelim Snippets 05-10-2019

1.Goa Maritime Conclave Why in News? The Goa Maritime Conclave (GMC)-2019 was inaugurated by the National Security Advisor,Ajit Kumar Doval,…

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IASGateAdmin | 28, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 28-09-2019

1.National Film Archive of India (NFAI) Why in News: NFAI acquires rare footage of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and times. About…

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IASGateAdmin | 26, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 26-09-2019

1.Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) Why in News? Government of India has recently reconstituted the Economic Advisory…

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IASGateAdmin | 23, Sep 2019


Why in News? The sixth reunion of the Corps of Army Air Defence was celebrated on 20 and 21 September…

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IASGateAdmin | 20, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 20-09-2019

1.Area 51: Why in News? On September 20, some two million people plan — or claim to plan — to…

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IASGateAdmin | 19, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 19-09-2019

1.Bio-Fencing Why in News? Uttarakhand government has decided to carry out bio-fencing to check man-animal conflict. According to officials leopards…

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IASGateAdmin | 14, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 14-09-2019

1.Counter Magnet Areas Context: The National Capital Region Planning Board has approved the proposal of Government of Punjab to consider…

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IASGateAdmin | 10, Sep 2019

Prelim Snippets 10-09-2019

1.World Suicide Prevention Day Context: World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is being observed on 10th September, 2019 About: World Suicide…

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IASGateAdmin | 29, Aug 2019


Why in News? A contract for installation and commissioning of nine Precision Approach Radars (PARs) was concluded today between Ministry…

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IASGateAdmin | 27, Aug 2019

Prelim Snippets 27-08-2019

1. Special Protection Group (SPG) Context: The Union Government has withdrawn SPG security cover to former PM Manmohan Singh. About…

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IASGateAdmin | 12, Aug 2019


Context- Directed energy weapons or DEWs are among the next bunch of military technologies that the Defence Research and Development…

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IASGateAdmin | 26, Jun 2019


Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement BECA will allow India to use US geospatial maps to get pinpoint military accuracy of…

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IASGateAdmin | 21, Jun 2019


Under this project, the Indian Navy intends to acquire Six Diesel-Electric Submarines, which will also feature Advanced Air-Independent Propulsion systems…

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